Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For anyone who has been up in the Sharadin Art Gallery to check out the artist-in-residence Chris Dacre's big show WAR is FUN! (if you haven't see it yet, be sure to check it out), he just posted some installation-in-progress shots from a show he's working on this week at the Northern Illinois University Printmaking Triennial... it's made up of leftovers/stuff we saved from the installation here at KU.

Also, anyone who was around during the installation period also may have met Tomiko Jones. Tomiko is super cool and teaches photo out at New Mexico State University. She has some pretty great work, so check out her website >>> http://www.tomikojonesphoto.com

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  1. I think it's neat that he uses the same imagery, but the final piece is different every time.