Friday, April 15, 2011


Blurb was easy to use once you got past the cover which they treat like the holy grail. I got the image wrap and it turned out nice other than no details in the black which do exist in my files. The rest of the book had the same problems with blurb it seems you need to WAY over compensate for black or dark areas including dark blues or you will loose detail. The only other problem I had was that blurb has these guides that tell you what may or may not be cut off during the process of actually making the book which are the top bottom and edge of the page you can turn this guide on or off and it is pink, problem being I used them just in case and some of my stuff still got cut off not much but enough that a few of the letters/notes are missing a few letters off the edge. The note next to the guides just says "don't put anything important in the pink" but if you don't want it missing I would keep it at least a quarter inch in from the pink. All in all I do like the way it turned out it could have had more detail and nothing too important was lost it is just a bit annoying when you a lot of hard work and information is missing. I would use it again just realizing that there needs to be compensation for dark areas.
~ Jess 

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