Monday, April 4, 2011

Book of Seconds: Memory Loss
By Robbin Ami Silverberg
New York: Dobbin Books, 2005. Edition of 15.
14 x 12". 52 pages bound like a notebook. Front board covered in colored paper with abstract design.
This book records memory change [presumably in the artist] over time. Interspersed throughout are small post-it notes (of handmade paper) with short texts that reveal progressive change in memory, specifically having to do with language. The initial two sections examine forgetting names and confusing of word order. The third section asks: If words and language go, what then? Can ideas exist without them?
The post-its have been placed on a series of translucent leaves of hemp paper, which have significant folds and a crisp rattling sound that creates an audible background, a kind of poetry, to the reading.

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