Monday, April 11, 2011


MyPicTales did a pretty decent job with my book after clearing up the coupon mishap (which may have been the dealist's fault). Besides the blotchiness in the white areas on my cover, the images appeared as promised on the preview. I would go through them again, but, like we talked about in class, be careful with putting vital information in the binding of two-page-spread images.

The interface was generally easy to use. It wants to randomly select formats for you...but you can just click the page set up you want. I was not impressed by the print quality. I see some banding in the images. The colors and histograms seem very accurate. Overall I think I would try a different company.

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  1. I agree with Heather on how the software was a little annoying and on trying a different company. I should have stuck with using 300 dpi instead of taking the pictures down to 200 dpi as it did make a difference in print quality. I also felt confined to certain sizes because of the coupon, but that's to be expected with something like that. I have used Blurb before and I think I will stick with them...even though their production time is about a week longer than MyPicTales.